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10 Favorite Online Resources

September 13, 2023 Johnathan Arnold
Holy Joys Podcast
10 Favorite Online Resources
Show Notes

Johnathan and David discuss some of their favorite online resources.

Johnathan’s list:

  1. ccel.org — a wealth of free Christian books; allows you to make an account so that you can save notes and highlights
  2. newadvent.org — especially newadvent.org/fathers, which has the full text of many patristic works
  3. stepbible.org — Step Bible by Tyndale House, my favorite online Bible
  4. wesley.nnu.edu — Wesley Center Online with the full text of Wesley’s sermons, Notes on the Bible, etc.
  5. bestcommentaries.com — commentary recommendations on each book of the Bible
  6. thevcs.org — Christian art in conversation with Scripture
  7. bibleproject.com — a wealth of free Bible study resources (e.g., animated video overviews of each book of the Bible)
  8. bcponline.org — the Book of Common Prayer online
  9. lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu — the Revised Common Lectionary with readings and other liturgical resources
  10. biblehub.com — some free commentaries (e.g., Calvin’s Commentary) in an easy-to-read format

David's list:

1. The Wesley Center Online (free)

  • A database of Wesleyan and holiness materials created by Northwest Nazarene University.
  • I like it because it has some hard-to-get resources.

2. Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL.org)

  • Searchable
  • Includes Schaff’s 38-volume Church Father’s series
  • Calvin’s Commentaries
  • Works of Arminius (3 Vol. Nichols ed.)
  • No page numbers

3. NewAdvent.org (free)

  • Similar to CCEL
  • More readable in my opinion

4. The Revised Common Lectionary (lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu)

5. Papalencyclicals.net (free)

  • Every important document ever put out by the Roman Catholic Church
  • The search feature is difficult to use because titles are often only in Latin.

6. Perlego.com ($18/month)

  • This would be in my top two or three if it still had the daily subscription option.
  • Tons of contemporary books.

7. Wesley Scholar (wesleyscholar.com) (free)

  • An independent collection of Wesleyan-Methodist and early Christian works. 
  • Contains articles as well as original works.

8. Open Access Digital Theological Library (libguides.thedtl.org) 

  • Contains some free material
  • Contains PhD dissertations

9. Books.Google.com 

  • Used to be able to download as PDFs.
  • Gives all the information about a book including the nearest library or where to get it online.

10. Gutenberg.org (free)

  • Over 70,000 of free ebooks
  • Christian and secular books
  • Several different formats including actual facsimiles of pages
  • Everything is public domain
  • Searchable

Honorable Mentions:

JSTOR.org (fee)

  • Usually accessible through a student library account
  • Not really affordable for individuals.

Academia.edu (fee and free)

  • Up-to-date scholarship
  • Pay by subscription or by item
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